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It's the first episode of 2018! We cover the action epic 300 for the main portion of the show. Nez returns with a look at Mayhem and a rundown of some anticipated films of the year. Enjoy!

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We're back! Better late than never this is the Christmas show. We discuss Gremlins and a Christmas Horror Story. Sorry for the delay, Frankenstein had the plague. Enjoy!

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We're back! After another unplanned hiadous, we have returned with something a bit different. Blind Frankenstein finally got Hellbilly to watch a Hallmark movie! We review The Christmas Train and Nez returns to talk Temple. So yes we have some actual horror in this episode! Next up is the Cheristmas show as we've got a double feature for the main show. A Christmas Horror Story and Gremlins will be discussed! Enjoy!

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We're back with a review of Little Evil along with some other topics. Enjoy!

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After a mini break, after the craziness that was Halloween, we are back! We talk about the Stephen King adaptation 1922. Enjoy!

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The E Society boys and Blind Frankenstein come together to talk some good movies for the season. Enjoy!

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It's a packed show this week as Nez joins us for The Babysitter and the new Amityville movie. He and I also discuss Bad Ben. Enjoy!

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Happy Halloween and welcome to the final Jump Scares of the season! I take a look at Leatherface, the David S. Pumpkins Halloween Special, Creep 2 and Get out!

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This is a catchup episode.

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