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Welcome to a bonus episode! Nez joins Blind Frankenstein to talk about the career of Tobe Hooper. Enjoy!

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We're back with another trip into the unknown! We've got haunted PA and AL, Ghosts of Shepherdstown and some creepy experiences. Enjoy!

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We're back with our third week of the Conjuring universe! Annabelle is on tap this week along with the next episode of Blood Drive. Nez returns to review the new film Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. Enjoy!

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We're back with a packed show. We talk Ghosts of Shepherdstown, Haunted PA and AL and a variety of other topics. Enjoy!

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We kick off Conjuring month this week. We will be reviewing all the films in the Conjuring universe. We are starting with the original The Conjuring this week. We also talk about the next episode of Blood Drive! Enjoy!

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We're back with some more creepiness! We've got a cemetery in Alabama, a haunted opera house in PA, more Ghosts of Sheperdherds Town and a haunted hospital. Enjoy!

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We're back with the special Sharknado 5 episode. Enjoy!

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We close out the month with a look at both Carrie films. We also cover the next episode of Blood Drive. Nez is back to talk the It trailer and a whole host of other topics. Enjoy!

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Original vs. remake returns as we talk about Friday the 13th. We've also got a rundown of the latest Blood drive and Nez returns to talk a variety of topics including George Romero. Enjoy!

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Welcome to another episode of Bump In The Night! We've got some Abnormal Alabama, Perils of Pennsylvania and a discussion of Ghosts of Shepherdstown Season 2. Enjoy!

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